Topnotch Los Angeles Tourist Attractions

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Any globetrotting tourist or traveler would instantly associate Los Angeles with Hollywood-the motion pictures industry ensconced within the city-well-known throughout the world for churning out action-packed movies and thrillers. The ‘city of angels’ and the ‘entertainment capital of the world’ is a cosmopolitan conurbation that has much more to offer than its tinsel town. Los Angeles has a rich and variegated history that goes back to the 14th century.

The city’s past has been perfectly archived in the numerous museums in the form of priceless artifacts and memorabilia. There are so many sightseeing attractions worth a visit that it’d be a real challenge to draw up an itinerary that’d enable the tourist to make the most out of his or her visit. It’ll take months to explore the vibrant multicultural districts of Los Angeles and take a walk down the 75-mile long coastline. Any seasoned holidaymaker’s or vacationer’s Los Angeles travel schedule will surely include the following spots. While planning a holiday it is important to stay in contact with a professional. You will always stay comfortable when you are in contact with a professional. For example when you are searching for a roofing company South Bend, IN then you will go with

  • Tour the Hollywood Studios

Visiting the Universal Studios Hollywood would give you a fair idea of why Los Angeles is regarded as the ‘entertainment capital of the world’. Don’t miss taking the studio tour which allegedly is the chief attraction. You’ll be taken on an armchair tour of Hollywood’s trailblazing journey since its inception with Jimmy Fallon playing the perfect narrator. You’ll view how a film studio creates a motion picture from scratch.

  • Runyon Canyon Park

Head to the Runyon Canyon Park if you wish to capture offbeat views of the Tinsel Town. The Runyon Canyon Park situated close to the Hollywood Boulevard, is very popular with hikers and trekkers, and if you’re lucky, you may be able to sneak peeks of Brad Pitt or Cameron Diaz. Scale up to the top of the hill and trek down to enter the core of the entertainment center. Close to the park are other popular attractions including Hollywood Museum, Hollywood & Highland, and TCL Chinese Theater.

  • The Sunset Strip

Cruise along the Sunset Strip located in West Hollywood in a swanky auto and gape at the numerous music addresses or venues. If you’re fascinated about vintage cars then you can satiate your passion by visiting the Petersen Automobile Museum. Alternatively, you can zoom along the Sunset Strip and go on a sightseeing tour of the entire city enjoying the scenic vistas and the coastal landscapes along the way.

  • Venice Beach

Once you take a stroll on the sun-kissed Venice Beach, you’ll not want to get back to the city. The seaside spot offers so many forms of entertainment that you won’t even realize when the morning graduated to evening. Take a walk along the beachside promenade and allow yourself to get carried away by the frolics of BMX bikers and street performers. Or, join sportspersons for a round of basketball or beach volleyball.

  • The Hollywood Sign

The sign of ‘Hollywood’ is almost always in your viewing range no matter where you’re in Los Angeles. This signage which was put up in 1923 to promote the development of a housing estate that never saw the light of the day is still in pristine condition. You can get good views of this sign from the Griffith Park Observatory.

Of course, this is not an exhaustive listing as there are numerous other spots that you can consider visiting.



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The beauty of Toronto and Niagara Falls


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At the outset, Toronto looks like any other cosmopolitan city as the conurbation’s skyline has the same urban structures like any other modern-day metropolis. It is only after you start exploring the city like a wanderlust traveler that you start discovering its uniqueness. Toronto is home to over 200 ethnicities communicating in more than 140 distinct tongues that makes it a cultural melting pot. If you crisscross the city, you’ll come across neighborhoods where you’ll find citizens from almost every country on the planet. The city is chock-a-block with sightseeing attractions that draws tourists and vacationers from all over the world.

Sightseeing Attractions in Toronto

St. Lawrence Market

They say that if you want to feel the pulse of a city or town, you should head straight to the main market square. The St. Lawrence Market situated in the old quarters of the city was constructed sometime in the 17th cent continues to be the prime hotspot of Toronto. The marketplace not only stocks goodies but any item of daily need you can imagine as well as the address serves a social networking hub for the city residents.

Distillery District

If you want to catch up with the Toronto of yore, head to the Distillery District. The Distillery District used to be the largest and most thriving brewing hub of Canada in the 1800s. Now the entire neighborhood has passed into folklore. Keep a day aside for perambulating in the Distillery District.

Toronto Islands

When you become exhausted from your jaunts in the city’s mainland dotted with skyscrapers, take a cruise on a ferry to go around Algonquin, Ward’s, and Center- chief islets in the Toronto Islands.

Day Trip to Horseshoe Falls from Toronto

No tour to Toronto is complete without undertaking a day trip to the Niagara Falls. The journey from the mainland to the world-famous cataract takes about 8 hours. You can soak in the sights and sounds of the area from numerous vantage points.

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Chief Tourist Attractions in Savannah and Tybee Islands, Georgia

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Savannah was the first conurbation or metropolis to be developed in Georgia and is the fifth-biggest city in terms of population and 3rd largest in terms of area. Every year millions of tourists flock to Savannah to promenade along its bustling waterfront and to tour the surrounding coastal islands. Situated about 18 miles away is Tybee Island popularly called Savannah Beach, steeped in history, and has numerous sightseeing attractions that attract holidaymakers by droves.

Chief Tourist Attractions in Savannah

Old Fort Jackson

Go back in time while you stand on the ramparts of the Old Fort Jackson which is still in a pristine condition and the oldest stronghold in Georgia. The fortress was extensively used during the American Civil War and one can see several artifacts/exhibits that were pressed into service during the war.

Juliette Gordon Low Family House

Your visit to Savannah is not complete without a visit to the birthplace of the pioneer of the US Girl Scouts-Juliette Gordon Low. The family home whose construction was completed in 1821 was refurbished to restore the 1880s look.

The Cathedral of St. John the Baptist

The Cathedral of St. John the Baptist which was originally constructed in the 1870s has been renovated and redecorated several times. Visit the church to take a peep inside and admire its murals, main altar, pipe organ, and St. Cecilia’s images.

Bull Street

Tourists visiting Savannah will be able to see what the city was like during its developmental stages by strolling along the Bull Street.

Chief Tourist Attractions of Tybee Island  

Tybee Lighthouse

Built sometime in the 1730s, the Tybee Lighthouse is still in perfect working condition and if you want to have a bird’s eye view of the Savannah Riverfront, you’ll have to climb all the 178 stairs.

Little Tybee Island

Little Tybee Island should be there on your must-see list when planning a Tybee Island itinerary because of its virgin salt marshes and hardwood hammocks.

McQueen’s Island Trail

Embark on a trek on the 6-mile long McQueen’s Island Trail to be transported back in time.





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Chief Tourist Attractions in Houston and Galveston in Texas


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Texas, the 2nd biggest largest state of US both in terms of population and territory is a tourist’s delight. Millions of holidaymakers and vacationers visit Texas throughout the year for soaking in the sights and sounds of the state. One city that inevitably makes it to the itineraries of a majority of travelers is Houston which is Texas’s largest city in terms of population as well as area. Galveston is another city sprawled across Galveston Island that is situated on the Texas Gulf coast with 32 miles of sun-kissed beaches, luxurious resort hotels, fantastic shopping destinations, and breathtaking tourist destinations.

Tourist attractions in Houston

Houston Space Center-The Houston Space Center is indisputably the chief tourist attraction in Houston. It is part of the NASA’s Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center from where all the space shuttles and flights are monitored. Visitors will find the film shows, space capsule modules, moon rock samples, and other artifacts and treasures quite engaging.

The Museum of Fine Arts

The Fine Arts Museum in Houston has one of the largest repositories of American, African,
Far Eastern, and European art in the country dating back to nearly 6 millenniums. There are over 63,000 exhibits in the museum.

Museum of Natural Science

Exhibits on display in the Museum of Natural Science enable visitors to get enlightened about nature and science starting from the time when dinosaurs roamed the earth till the 21st cent.

Attractions in Galveston

  1. Pleasure Pier-The Pleasure Pier is a walkway-styled amusement park that’ll definitely appeal to children. Nevertheless, adults also have a lot to look forward to in the park.
  2. Moody Gardens-Visitors will need to keep aside an entire day for touring Moody Gardens. There’s so much to explore-starting from a sprawling botanical garden to a giant aquarium and from a 13-storeyed Rainforest Pyramid to the Discovery Pyramid.
  3. Spooky Mayfield Manor-Tourists and holidaymakers eager to have a paranormal experience should be there at the Haunted Mayfield Manor.

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