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Any globetrotting tourist or traveler would instantly associate Los Angeles with Hollywood-the motion pictures industry ensconced within the city-well-known throughout the world for churning out action-packed movies and thrillers. The ‘city of angels’ and the ‘entertainment capital of the world’ is a cosmopolitan conurbation that has much more to offer than its tinsel town. Los Angeles has a rich and variegated history that goes back to the 14th century.

The city’s past has been perfectly archived in the numerous museums in the form of priceless artifacts and memorabilia. There are so many sightseeing attractions worth a visit that it’d be a real challenge to draw up an itinerary that’d enable the tourist to make the most out of his or her visit. It’ll take months to explore the vibrant multicultural districts of Los Angeles and take a walk down the 75-mile long coastline. Any seasoned holidaymaker’s or vacationer’s Los Angeles travel schedule will surely include the following spots. While planning a holiday it is important to stay in contact with a professional. You will always stay comfortable when you are in contact with a professional. For example when you are searching for a roofing company South Bend, IN then you will go with

  • Tour the Hollywood Studios

Visiting the Universal Studios Hollywood would give you a fair idea of why Los Angeles is regarded as the ‘entertainment capital of the world’. Don’t miss taking the studio tour which allegedly is the chief attraction. You’ll be taken on an armchair tour of Hollywood’s trailblazing journey since its inception with Jimmy Fallon playing the perfect narrator. You’ll view how a film studio creates a motion picture from scratch.

  • Runyon Canyon Park

Head to the Runyon Canyon Park if you wish to capture offbeat views of the Tinsel Town. The Runyon Canyon Park situated close to the Hollywood Boulevard, is very popular with hikers and trekkers, and if you’re lucky, you may be able to sneak peeks of Brad Pitt or Cameron Diaz. Scale up to the top of the hill and trek down to enter the core of the entertainment center. Close to the park are other popular attractions including Hollywood Museum, Hollywood & Highland, and TCL Chinese Theater.

  • The Sunset Strip

Cruise along the Sunset Strip located in West Hollywood in a swanky auto and gape at the numerous music addresses or venues. If you’re fascinated about vintage cars then you can satiate your passion by visiting the Petersen Automobile Museum. Alternatively, you can zoom along the Sunset Strip and go on a sightseeing tour of the entire city enjoying the scenic vistas and the coastal landscapes along the way.

  • Venice Beach

Once you take a stroll on the sun-kissed Venice Beach, you’ll not want to get back to the city. The seaside spot offers so many forms of entertainment that you won’t even realize when the morning graduated to evening. Take a walk along the beachside promenade and allow yourself to get carried away by the frolics of BMX bikers and street performers. Or, join sportspersons for a round of basketball or beach volleyball.

  • The Hollywood Sign

The sign of ‘Hollywood’ is almost always in your viewing range no matter where you’re in Los Angeles. This signage which was put up in 1923 to promote the development of a housing estate that never saw the light of the day is still in pristine condition. You can get good views of this sign from the Griffith Park Observatory.

Of course, this is not an exhaustive listing as there are numerous other spots that you can consider visiting.



October 22, 2016

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